Pantry Donations

Donations can be brought to any of our eight pantries or warehouse.  Please call before delivering food & supplies to pantries to make sure someone is there to meet you.

Bullock Creek Outreach Pantry:  Messiah Lutheran Church, 1550 S. Poseyville Rd., (989) 835-7143

MCFAN Warehouse: 503 S. Saginaw Rd., (989) 486-9393

Greater Midland Coleman Railway Family Center: 4839 N. Coleman Schools Drive,  (989) 465-2079

Greater Midland North Midland Family Center Pantry:  2601 E. Shearer Rd. (989) 689-7770

HELP Pantry (“Hunger Eased by Loving Persons”):  Memorial Presbyterian Church,1310 Ashman St., (989) 835-6759 use canopy entrance on Reardon

SAMS Food Pantry (“Share a Meal Service”): sponsored by St. John’s Episcopal Church at 503 S. Saginaw Rd., (989) 631-2260

Sanford Food Pantry: Sanford United Methodist Church, 2560 N. West River Rd., (989) 687-5353

West Midland Family Center Pantry:  4011 W. Isabella Rd., (989) 832-3256

Wheeler Road Church of Christ Pantry: 1123 E. Wheeler Rd., (989) 835-8559

Star indicates approximate pantry location; in the city of Midland there are 3 EFPN pantries.

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