Sanford Food Pantry

The Sanford Pantry is located at Sanford United Methodist Church, 2560 N W River Rd.  The pantry was started in the early 80’s by the Sanford United Methodist Church adult Sunday School class   This class decided to help a local family as a mission project. A family had been referred to the church by the Salvation Army. The father had been injured in an accident and was unable to work. The mother had to take him into Midland daily for physical therapy. There were two children. The Sunday School class helped the family with tires for their van, gas money for the trips into the hospital and enough food for one month.  This local mission was so successful that the class decided that they wanted to do this on a regular basis. The Sanford Food Pantry was the result. The Sanford Pantry was invited to join the Food Assistance Network in 1984. It was and still is, housed in Sanford United Methodist Church. The Pantry serves on average 4 families a week.