Donor Impact

Donations enable Midland County Food Assistance Network to serve those in need of food, personal care and cleaning supplies. Thank you to our donors – without you we would not be able to achieve our vision – “always food in every home.”

People You Have Helped

  • A man with three children lost his job after his wife died because he needed to stay home with his children until he could make child care arrangements.
  • A mother needed Ensure for a sick child who could not eat anything else.
  • A women’s purse was stolen from a grocery cart and her grocery money was inside. She had no food at home.
  • A single father needed to stay home when his children got sick with the flu. Without sick leave with his job , he had no income while taking care of his children.
  • A little boy with cancer is being provided cases of rice milk.
  • A father who lost his job needed food for his family until he could find a job.
  • A mom used her food money for rent so she needed help with food.
  • A 16 year old went to court to live on his own. He needed food until his paycheck came.
  • A widower needed food because his wife died and his family came to stay with him for two weeks. He only had food for one week.
  • A woman took care of her ailing mother for years and the mother was her only source of income. After her mother died, she needed help until she gets a job.
  • An elderly woman had to choose between paying her bills and food. She chose to pay her bills and needed help with food
  • A disabled person needed help with food until her disability payments came in.
  • A man with Parkinson’s disease was losing weight and needed Ensure to help build his strength
  • A man paid his heating bill so the heat wouldn’t be cut off but he didn’t have any money left for  food
  • A mom, who has a seriously ill child, needs ongoing help with food. She says she couldn’t make it without our help. She say we are her angels.
  • An aunt gained temporary custody of her nieces and nephew. She needed extra food for her expanded family
  • A single dad just gained custody of his baby daughter and needed diapers and formula for her
  • A young mother’s doctor changed her baby’s formula to a special kind. We provided this special formula through our Nutrition Program until WIC (Women, Infants and Children’s program) could change her coupons to the new kind of formula.
  • A father lost his job because he had to be off to care for his terminally ill wife and two small children. We will be helping him with food and supplies as long as need until he can find a new   job and childcare provider for his children.
  • An elderly man on a fixed income spent his grocery money for his new medications. We provided food for him for 2 months until he could adapt his budget to cover the new situation